Santa’s Helpers Christmas Party {Elf On The Shelf}

This Santa’s Helpers party is sure to give you some great Christmas Party Ideas! I styled this party for Lilly’s 8th birthday, and it is my favorite theme so far! Two weeks before the party Lilly wrote Santa Claus a letter asking him if he could please send Alfred, her elf on the shelf, and all of her friends Elf’s to the party! Santa did just that;-)

Lilly has donated her birthday gifts since her 5th Birthday. For her 8th Birthday she heard K-Luv talking about Operation Christmas Child and decided that is how she wanted to donate this time! So we asked all of the guest to bring a shoe box and all of the items to fill it with. We also had them go to the website if they wanted to register and pay the shipping for their shoe box. When the guest arrived they were given an Elf Apron and Hat so they could become Santa’s Little Helpers! They then went to the wrapping station to fill and wrap their shoe boxes!

The awesome photography was done by Annye Newmann from Faith Photography!
Elf Shirt - Elf Costume - Elf Outfit

Isn’t she the cutest little elf! I might be a little biased;-) The adorable Santa Hat initial shirt is from Josselyn at Elle Couture! The candy cane stockings are from Target and the adorable Elf Shoes were made by a friend of mine, Lauren. HERE is an a tutorial for how to make your own elf shoes using felt! All of the girls Elf Hats were purchased at Dollar Tree!

Elf Christmas Party

After the guest had wrapped their shoe boxes they walked around the party finding all of the mischievous little Elves! I used wrapping paper for the backdrop and then wrapped a foam board and attached a poster from this printable party package collection!

Welcome SignChristmas Cupcakes

The cupcake stands were made by using wood candlesticks from Hobby Lobby and Christmas coasters from Michael’s! I painted the candlesticks and glued on the coasters.

Christmas Dessert Table

These cookies were made by my best friend Alyssa from Bonbon Du Jour! I LOVE her use of disco dust edible glitter! The fondant cupcake toppers are from Jennifer at Harriet’s House Of Cakes!

Santaclause Cupcake ToppersChristmas Wreathe - Deco MeshElf Cake Pops

The Oreo Pops are made by my friend Lauren and are always a favorite sweet treat at any party I host! I attached party logos from this printable package to the top of the sticks!

Elf Cupcakes

These Marshmallow Hot Coco Mugs were made by my mom and Lilly! They had a blast making them:-) Use the Jumbo Campfire size marshmallows, mini candy canes, and chocolate frosting! Break of the straight part of the candy cane and then stick the rounded part in the side of the marshmallow. Rub a little bit of the chocolate frosting on top of the marshmallow. Then cut a few small pieces off a large marshmallow and place on top of the chocolate to mimic the mini marshmallows in hot coco!

Christmas Sweets Elf Party

I used a large roll of wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby for the backdrop and table runner! The Santa Hat chair toppers were purchased at Dollar Tree (I love that place)! During the party the kids played Pin The Nose on Rudolph! The poster game comes in this printable party package!

Elf On The Shelf Elf On The Shelf Party Gingerbread Man Party

Each place setting came with an activity place mat from Target’s dollar section. I had small containers filled with everything they would need to decorate their gingerbread man (purchased from Michael’s).

Christmas Cupcakes Hot Chocolate Bar

The Hot Chocolate Bar was one of my favorite parts of the party! After the kids filled their plates with sweets they took turns making their own perfect mug of hot coco. The mugs were purchased at Dollar Tree and then lined with sugar crystals by dipping the rim in sugar water and then dipping in the crystals.

Hot Chocolate Bar Hot Chocolate Stir Spoons

I purchased solid wooden spoons on Etsy and then poured melted chocolate in each spoon and added a few sprinkles. I used mini Santa Hats from the scrapbook section at Hobby Lobby.

1-HotCocoBarClose 1-SideHotcoco

1-295-OreoPopsElf Party  1-Alfred

Alfred painted Lilly a picture and brought her a note about how much he loved her party and the idea to do Operation Christmas Child!

1-CloseTable Gingerbread Man Party Gingerbread Man Party Christmas Aprons

I used iron on transfer paper to put the girls names on their aprons. The solid red aprons were purchased from Hobby Lobby!

Elf Costume Elf Party Elf Hat Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Mugs Christmas Party Christmas party


Party Styling and PrintablesLillian Hope Designs

Photography - Faith Photography

Elf Feet Shirt - ElleCouture

Red Dresser – Past Forward Photo Props

Cookies - Bonbon Du Jour

Fondant Cupcake Toppers - Harriet’s House Of Cakes

Oreo Pops - Lauren Scheck

Straws, Wood Spoons, Baking Cups - The Bakers Confections

Click HERE or on the Image below to purchase this printable party package!

Printable Christmas PartyPrintable Christmas Party



  1. S Joyce says

    Love, love, love the holiday season and the Santa’s Helpers theme. My favorite if I had to choose is the dessert bar you created. From the handcrafted backdrop to the mug marshmallows. It was a great focal point and “sweet” touch to the celebration.

  2. Mirian says

    We just started the elf on the shelf tradition in our home and this party is a true inspiration. I love how you added the mischievous touch with the elf painting – it really makes the elf on the shelf come to life. I adored the hot coco bar particularly the stirring spoons and the sugar rimmed mugs! And you knocked it out of the ball park and straight to the North Pole with the aprons and hats. Fantastic party!

  3. Mirian says

    We just started the Elf on the Shelf tradition and this party is a wonderful inspiration! I love the mishievous elf painting- it really brought the concept to life. I adored the hot cocoa bar especially the stirring spoons and the sugar rimmed mugs- such a whimsical touch! And the hats and aprons shot this out of the ball park and straight to the North Pole !!!!Fantastic party!

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